Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does MAGWELL provide Customised Solutions to its Instrumentation?

Yes - Magwell provides some of the most customised products for the end users application with Zero Errors and Omissions to Quality Techniques. Every Unit Manufactured has a unique Serial number which would be traceable to all requirements of the product already manufactured and supplied. All Parameters are clearly understood before we consider an Offer to the End User's application.

2. Minimum Quality and Safety Norms of MAGWELL product line

MAGWELL confirmes to various Quality and Safety norms such as ISO 9001 QMS , ASME Code Conformance , PED Requirements . This ensures our processes , products and Technical / Quality documentation are to the highest standard of the industry.

3. What would be the Lead time for the MAGWELL Product Line?

Most Standard Products are available Ex-Stock. Customised Solutions such as AUTOMAG and MINOTAUR Series are Designed , Engineered and Manufactured in 4 weeks time. We can match all schedules of your Project Delivery with our EXPEDITED Services too.