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Automag Series

Our AUTOMAG series of products are industry leading Magnetic Level Indicators suitable for Various Liquids needing Continuous measurement and Monitoring in Process Vessels, Storage Tanks, Reactor Columns, Sumps, Surge Drums, Oil / Water Separators, Injection Skids.

AUTOMAG Series have a unique feature line unparalleled by other manufacturers in the industry

  • “Stellar” Indicators (Wide Flappers) have Visibility up to 200 feet which are Hermetically Sealed with IP68 ratings.
  • All Stainless-Steel Design with 150 Feet visibility Measurement scales under any condition with Customized Unit of Measurement
  • Extruded Outlets for Process Connection to tank as standard.
  • Industry leading 10-year Manufacturer warranty
  • Point Level Switching and Wide Range of High Precision Level Transmitters in an Integrated Unit Ready to install.
  • Cryogenic / Super-heated service – Full Vacuum / High pressure service – A wide range of applications are covered.

BAYOU series

Our BAYOU series of products are designed for static pressure, liquid level and differential pressure instrumentation used in the process industry.

BAYOU series of products are used to mount directly to the process instrument for isolation purposes.

  • It has fewer possible leak points.
  • Standard working pressures of 6000 psi
  • Optional Working pressure up to 10000 psi
  • Easy to install, maintain and isolate.
BAYOU series